Visit the Cuneo Mansion, Museum, and Gardens This Fall

Nestled in Vernon Hills, Illinois, close to The Mil’ton luxury apartment homes, is the Cuneo Mansion. This mansion was built in the early 1900s for the founder of the General Electric Company. Now open to the general public, you can stroll the gardens of this 100-acre estate and explore the Italianate-style mansion.


Spring, summer, and fall are all great seasons for strolling through the lush gardens. You will see native plants and might even identify ones you’d like to pot in your apartment. On your walk, you might recognize the scenery from My Best Friend’s Wedding and the reality show Four Weddings. You should also make sure you check out the neo-classic statues and visit both the formal and informal gardens. If you are looking for some great photos, the gardens are a great place to schedule a shoot.


The mansion contains an international collection of art and furnishings. You will view both rare pieces and pieces you might want to find in local antique stores for your new apartment home. Pay particular attention to the arched openings and the many chandeliers throughout the mansion. The many windows will give you glimpses of the gardens and entice you to walk through and enjoy the sights and smells of many flowers in bloom.

You will also want to stop and look at the gold-plated piano and the richly colored paintings on the ceilings and walls. Step into the bedrooms and view exquisite brocade and the deep colors of the bed linens.

The Mil’ton

The Cuneo Mansion is just one of the attractions located nearby The Mil’ton.  Contact us today. We would love to tell you more about the neighborhood and give you a tour of our apartments.

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