The Best Podcasts for Book Lovers

If you enjoy curling up on the couch with a page-turner, then you might enjoy one of the many podcasts made by and for bibliophiles about books, authors, and everything reading-related. Here are some exciting podcasts for book lovers that you can check out from your apartment at The Mil’ton. They feature author interviews, suggestions for new books to check out, and more.

Book Fight!

Every week on Book Fight!, hosts Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister have the types of conversations you might overhear in a crowded bar. They cover books that inspire, baffle, and even infuriate. Tom and Mike choose a new book for every episode, and they promise not to spoil any major plots. Aside from novels, they often feature short stories, making selections based on seasonal themes. Listeners say that Book Fight! is never stuffy and makes reading more fun.

What Should I Read Next?

Don’t miss this podcast dedicated to answering the question that plagues every reader: What Should I Read Next? Host Anne Bogel centers each episode around a guest who shares books they love, books they don’t love, and what they’re currently reading. Then, she makes recommendations based on their responses, suggesting fiction and non-fiction titles alike.

The Penguin Podcast 

A unique podcast that strives to understand where ideas come from, The Penguin Podcast asks pioneers of literature and world-class writers to discuss the five objects that inspired their books. Renowned guests include everyone from Zadie Smith to Michael Palin, and conversations are bound to take fascinating twists and turns. This podcast boasts dozens of episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes.  

As a resident of The Mil’ton, you’ll find yourself in the perfect luxury setting to curl up with a new book or listen to one of these riveting podcasts for book lovers. To become a resident of our community, please contact our leasing staff.

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