Where to Enjoy the Best Spaghetti Around Vernon Hills

A bowl of spaghetti in red sauce.

Did you know that Americans eat over 1.3 million pounds of spaghetti every year? If you would like to enjoy a bowl, visit one of these restaurants near The Mil’ton where you’ll find some of the best spaghetti around Vernon Hills. Mambo Italiano  For the last fifteen years, Mambo Italiano has kept the Italian tradition […]

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Toss Some Axes at Axeplosion

An ax stuck in the center of a wooden target.

Ax throwing is becoming more popular all over the country. Have you been wanting to try your hand at this fun activity? Axeplosion is located just minutes away from The Mil’Ton.¬† What is Axe Throwing? Ax throwing involves throwing an ax at a target and trying to outscore your friends and family. The activity has […]

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3 Dance Studios around Vernon Hills

A man dancing in an empty studio.

Dancing is a great physical and psychological exercise. Not only will your body grow stronger, but you will boost your memory, improve flexibility, reduces stress, and increase your confidence. Learn new moves and strut your stuff at these dance studios near our apartments in Vernon Hills. Ballroom Dance Studio Ballroom Dance Studio¬†claims its goal is […]

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