Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Vernon Hills

Customers waiting at the coffee shop counter while baristas prepare their espresso drinks.

Cozy and unique coffee shops offer the perfect destination for a quiet getaway with plenty of people watching. Just minutes from our Vernon Hills apartments, great coffee houses will make you feel right at home in whatever environment you are searching for.

Check out these local coffee shops around town where you can grab a fresh cup of joe.

Garden Berry Cafe

A popular breakfast and lunch spot in town, the Garden Berry Cafe offers a good location to grab some coffee. The only serve coffee and cappuccinos, but these drinks pair perfectly with the specialty pancakes, waffles, crepes, french toast, and breakfast wraps served at this quaint cafe. The staff goes out of their way to make guests feel at home. 


This simple and cozy shop is best known for its premium soft-serve ice cream. However, Milkcow also offers coffee seven days a week. Customers will find lattes, americano, cappuccino, espresso, and cold brew coffees on their menu. One of these drinks will taste delicious with a pastry or other sweet treats made in the shop. Board games are strategically placed across the cafe to foster fellowship as you sip on your brew.

Vernon Hills Cafe

Who doesn’t love a cozy coffee shop surrounded by hundreds of books? Vernon Hills Cafe, located inside of Barbara’s Books, is operated by Hansa Coffee Roasters, a roaster and retailer based in Libertyville. The coffee house hosts a wide variety of traditional, non-traditional, and craft beverages including cold brew, espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and several specialty drinks. The atmosphere is fairly quiet, making it a good location to catch up on some studying or work. 

If you are looking to live near great coffee shops like these and other great restaurants, please contact us today! The Mil’Ton is a luxury apartment community in Vernon Hills near several shopping, dining, and recreational options. 

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