Explore Vernon Hills Libraries From Home

Someone browsing a selection of ebooks from their cell phone.

Local libraries offer more than just books. Through virtual classes and programs, there is something for everyone to enjoy from the comforts of our Vernon Hills apartments. Check out the entertainment options from the Cook Memorial Public Library and Vernon Area Public Library.

Cook Memorial Public Library

The Cook Memorial Public Library currently offers a wide array of online activities. Join virtual read-aloud events that take place on Facebook Live or Zoom. For a dose of comedy, listen to their Ladies of Laughter program while cooking or cleaning your Vernon Hills apartment. The library also offers a series of online classes. Check out virtual classes, including meditation or tai chi, or tune in to one of the virtual learning programs. You can learn what to do if one of your accounts gets hacked, or how to set up meetings on Zoom. Check out their website for a full calendar of events.

Vernon Area Public Library

The Vernon Area Public Library hosts entertaining and educational online programs. Check out streaming storytime on Facebook Live every morning Monday through Saturday. They also offer a series of classes and workshops, including tips for organizing your kitchen, Microsoft Excel formatting, and writers’ support groups. For entertainment, discover a new game with their Games for Grownups program, or tune in to Hollywood’s Unsolved Murders for a dose of true crime. To view the library’s full calendar of events, check out their website.

Thanks to these local libraries, you can find an interesting new hobby or learn a skill from our Vernon Hills apartments. For more in-home activities, check out our blog. Contact us today to learn more about The Mil’Ton.

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