Where to Enjoy the Best Spaghetti Around Vernon Hills

A bowl of spaghetti in red sauce.

Did you know that Americans eat over 1.3 million pounds of spaghetti every year? If you would like to enjoy a bowl, visit one of these restaurants near The Mil’ton where you’ll find some of the best spaghetti around Vernon Hills. Mambo Italiano  For the last fifteen years, Mambo Italiano has kept the Italian tradition […]

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Shop for Colorful Gems at a Nearby Jewelry Store

A wedding band and engagement ring surrounded by a pearl necklace.

Colorful statement pieces and unique pieces of jewelry enhance any outfit. Whether you’re searching for a small or bold accessory, these jewelry stores near our apartments in Vernon Hills offer everything from traditional to contemporary designs. Nearby jewelry stores include: Lustig Jewelers  A local fixture since 1949, Lustig began as a department store selling appliances […]

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